FEMA “Are You Prepared”? Floods and Natural Disaster

This video was just released by DoD news (department of defense), thus I’m sharing it with you all now in light of possible issues arising down the road.

Floods are just one byproduct of severe weather that should be prepared for, in addition to having severe weather plans, everyone should develop an earthquake preparation plan, and also a financial unrest plan – all good things to plan for in case of emergencies.

As I’ve said for years, “Don’t be scared, be prepared” …. being prepared involves having a plan for Food, Water, Transportation, Communication, and Self defense.

Know what to do inside (and outside) of structures, and where you will go if you are forced to leave your area (or even forced to leave your region). X For sheltering in place, a minimum of 3 days to 7 days (1 week) of food + water are certainly needed. A means to protect yourself in case law enforcement is not able to respond is also something to consider if you’re going to shelter in place.

Plan on help taking 5 times longer than you normally expect to arrive.

If you’d normally expect one day for help to come.. make it a week… if you think it will take a week to get to you, plan on them actually taking a month to arrive.

Stop and think about where you’ll go, and how you’ll get there if no one is around to “help”.

Flooding is the focus of this recent DoD “prepare” video, but all scenarios overlap when it comes to multi-day survival with no electricity or water. 

Coincidence? September is “National Preparation Month” as designated by FEMA , and as shown on www.ready.gov


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