UFO Sighting in West Sand Lake, New York on September 6th 2015 – Driving and saw a hovering, glowing red orange cylinder over a lake, than slowly flew diagonal and flickers than disappeared.

My wife and I were driving home from a birthday party when my wife yelled,”what’s that?” I looked over my left shoulder and saw glowing red orange light. At first i thought it was a radio tower. After getting a better look I could tell it was not. I immediately pulled over to look at what I was seeing. I saw a cylinder that was glowing red orange, hovering over a lake. I grabbed my phone and took video. After about 10 seconds the glowing cylinder started to move in a diagonal path for about 5 seconds, where it began to flicker and dissappear. The video is horrible, the orange red illumination did not pick up, and I shake to much. But I got it.

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