UFO Sighting in Glen Burnie, Maryland on July 18th 2015 – Seen through kitchen windows. Rear lights observed. Two vehicles moved around each other. Beings in Tree. Dogs attracted.

My granddaughter was the first to see the vessels from the window in our
kitchen. She alerted us to the objects. My daughter and I were the next ones to observe the objects.At first I didn’t realize what it might be. Couldn’t tell how far away they were from our house. The rear lights were oblong with three lights in that shape.
Each object would change positions. One would go to the bottom of the other and vice versa. We heard our dogs barking at something in a tree in our backyard. We don’t usually have any animals up in that tree except maybe for squirrels. The dogs were clearly upset and I couldn’t see what was up there but it sounded something like raccoons or some animal similar to them.
And like I said it was unusual for us to see or hear any animal in that tree. I didn’t see the objects from outside.It was probably behind a tree line. About 15 to 20 minutes later we didn’t see anything else. I called the dogs in because they were loud and I didn’t want them annoying the neighbors. I have never experienced anything like this before. I didn’t think that my family and I would. It was something that you hear that happens to other people not you.

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