UFO Sighting in Manassas, Virginia on September 7th 2015 – A highly reflective object in the sky, seen by multiple witnesses

My girlfriend and I had just eaten at Roy Rogers and decided to go to 7-Eleven to withdraw some cash. When we left the store and started back to my car, we decided to walk along the strip mall. About half the way down the strip mall, I noticed an object in the sky. I have had experiences in childhood and otherwise possibly, but I remain a true skeptic. You will hear my girlfriend in the background of the video saying something about it not being a balloon. That being said, when I spotted it, it was moving laterally at what looked like a perfectly straight heading, eastward. Being the skeptic that I am I didn’t start filming immediately because I didn’t want to come across as an idiot. It moved slowly, highly reflective and looked to either be changing physically or rotating. After about two(?) minutes, it had crossed from northwest to northeast, still moving laterally. I decided to swallow my pride and pulled out my iPhone and hit record. Of course I had focus issue among other things but I realized its speed has also increased and it had begun a steep vertical ascent. I have the video of it and will link you to it. Thanks for taking my report.

PS it was coming, kinda-sorta from the direction of Manassas Municipal Airport. They may have some information.

I have the file uploaded the YouTube, however if I upload it here I fear it may be very low quality. If so, email me and I’ll link you to YouTube which is in HD.

Thanks again,
Patrick Larson

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