UFO Sighting in Shelby, Ohio on September 30th 1973 – this is in connection with the Oct 1973 sighting near Mansfield, Ohio. Just saw a request for witnesses to this craft in the Mansfield News Journal 9/7/2015.

Two friends and myself were on our way to school in our junior year in the fall of 1973. Instead of riding the bus that day, my friend’s father agreed to drive us to school. We attended a vocational school 30 minutes north of where we lived. It was a clear sunny morning and we were taking the usual route to Shelby, Ohio. As we drove through the countryside we spotted a bright light hovering over a body of water. It was very odd to see a large ball of light hovering over water and we wondered what it could be. Then the light split into three parts, two flew off in other directions, and the remaining light began to follow our vehicle, but at a parallel distance. This really freaked out three teenaged girls and my friend’s father was getting irritated at our screaming and getting upset. He was driving and could not see what we could see from his vantage point. The longer it followed us, the more upset we became, especially when it turned when our truck turned. It followed us all the way to school and by the time we got there we had made several 90 degree turns and it made every turn with us, and by the time we got to school it was no longer a bright light but a silver cigar-shaped tube like object flying nearly overhead and not making a sound. At that time my friend’s father did see it and wondered what it could be but thought we were silly and overreacting. We were in tears by then and could not wait to get out of the truck and into the school building. The object continued on in a straight line after we got out of the truck. We were so upset when we got into the school, the kids asked us what was wrong and we made the big mistake of telling them what we saw. They made fun of us for a week or more and called us “space girls” and we were the joke of the scHool. I stopped telling people about it so they wouldn’t make fun of me anymore and think I was crazy, but I will never forget what I saw and I know it happened. To this day it bothers me to see a light divide into several lights (as in a movie) and turns my stomach a bit. I now think the object followed us out of curiosity, as we were riding in a powder blue 1 ton crew cab long bed pickup truck, and we stuck out like a sore thumb.

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