UFO Sighting in Webster, Massachusetts on September 6th 2015 – Stationary flashing strobe lights then they move quickly to the right a flashed again.

I was sitting outside on our deck watching boats and various fireworks on Webster lake at around 10PM. Two very bright white strobe lights, due north of my location & about 25 to 30 feet apart, flashed alternately twice. Then a second later they flashed again but were moving towards the east at a high rate of speed. They diapered behind the trees and out of sight. My first thought was it was a boat with LED lighting or some type of firework on the opposite shore.

What changed my mind was that the next day I was talking to out neighbor and he mentioned seeing the lights too. I didn’t bring it up because I had dismissed it. But, he saw the lights from his boat from I different perspective as me. And, his description of the lights was identical to what I saw. This eliminated my theory of fireworks or a boat. There were at least two other people on his boat that saw the lights too.

These lights were about 10′ above the water. They were stationary then moved fast towards the NE and disappeared. I know that others had to have seen them as there were a few boats out on the lake in the general vicinity. This sighting happened very quickly which makes it difficult to determine much about what it was. I am open to any suggestions but I have never seen anything like this on the lake in ten years.

My neighbor also said he saw a object, maybe a “Drone”, moving over the front yard of his house when he returned home after his boat ride. His description was of a low flying slow moving object with a solid whitish light underneath it. He said it looked like and old fashioned light bulb with an orange tint to it. I am not sure why someone would be flying an expensive drone at night over a lake. One slip up and it’s gone for good. Maybe it is related to the sighting, maybe not.

Note: Boats are not supposed to go faster than 25MPH at night. If this was a boat he was going more like 100MPH without making any noise. And, hovering 10 feet over the water.

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