Aerospace Meets Chemtrails : Moon, Mars Geoengineering connection


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IMAGES of Mars and any computer generated Mars Images CREDIT
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/UA

JAXA SELENE Moon Project : Launch of H-IIA F13 carrying SELENE (Photo by Narita Masahiro)
Far side of the Moon, photographed by Apollo 16, credit NASA
This view from orbit shows the full Moon partially obscured and deformed by the Earth’s atmosphere. NASA image
Earth and Moon from Mars, imaged by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. From space, the Earth can be seen to go through phases similar to the phases of the Moon.
The first photograph ever taken by astronauts of an “Earthrise”, from Apollo 8

Artist’s concept of Solar Power Satellite in place. Shown is the assembly of a microwave transmission antenna. The solar power satellite was to be located in a geosynchronous orbit, 36,000 miles above the Earth’s surface. NASA 1976

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How did Mars Die?
According to scientists, early Mars had a magnetic field and studies show that that when Mars was a mere 500 million years old, its magnetic field withered away. It is known that streams of ionizing particles spewing from the sun strip away a planet’s atmosphere, killing any life that may have emerged or forcing it underground. Earth is no different than Mars in that respect.
What was the cause?
NASA The U.S. space agency announced this week that it had selected competing mission proposals from two Boulder, Colo.-based institutions to spend the next nine months and $2 million refining their concepts in advance of selecting one of the missions in late 2007 for full development as NASA’s next Mars Scout mission. The chosen mission would have to launch by 2011 at a cost of no more than $475 million. The two finalists were selected from more than two-dozen proposals the agency received last summer.
MAVEN: Mars Atmosphere and Evolution Mission
To observe “Mars climate and habitability and improve understanding of dynamic processes in the upper Martian atmosphere and ionosphere,”
NASA and Wikipedia:
“Planetary Engineering is the application of technology for the purpose of influencing the global properties of a planet.” “Perhaps the best-known type of planetary engineering is Terraforming.
“Geoengineering is the application of planetary engineering techniques to Earth. Recent geoengineering proposals have principally been methods to tackle human-induced climate changeby either removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (e.g. usingocean iron fertilization) or by managing solar radiation (e.g. by using mirrors in space) in order to negate the net warming effect of climate change.
The late Carl Sagan said that it is ” humanity’s moral obligation to make other worlds suitable for life”.
Others tend to believe terraforming would be an “unethical interference in nature, and that given humanity’s past treatment of the Earth”…

“Christopher McKay, who argues that terraforming is ethically sound only once we have completely assured that an alien planet does not harbor life of its own; but that if it does, while we should not try to reshape the planet to our own use, we should engineer the planet’s environment to artificially nurture the alien life and help it thrive and co-evolve, or even co-exist with humans.”
Recent photos of Mars give us proof that Life currently exists on Mars: Recent Images released by NASA/JPL show Mars Is In Fact full of living forms of life. Trees, vegetation, intelligently constructed buildings.
Could this be from Terraforming Mars, and if so, what are we using?

All Music by Royalty Free Music
writer: Kevin MacLeod
Enter the Maze
Clenched Teeth
Darkness is coming

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