Black Triangle Sighting in Chico, California on September 8th 2015 – Flying from South to North, as it got just over My head bright White belly lights lit tail lights were dim predominately red and dim white just vanished from sight

I was outside My Duplex smoking a Cigar at first it just appeared as a normal aircraft light source but when it got closer to Me I could clearly see that it was a Triangle shape but more Delta Winged.When it got right above My head Two very bright White Belly Lights came on they were brighter than a Car’s Headlights they were on for 3 to 4 Seconds and then they turned off I got the feeling they were internal or cabin lights not external lights.It flew North and then just vanished.After it’seems diaper ancestors I felt like I had had a burst of Adrenalin I Am still feeling this way. I have sketched what I saw but don’the know how to attach it as I am on a Tablet, I didn’the get any Photos of the Object.

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