The Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO Case: It’s a Lens Refection!

The Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO Case: It's a Lens Refection

The Turkish UFO Case. The videos in Kumburgaz (Turkey, 2007-2009), and Faking a few lights in the sky?

Gilles Fernandez
By Gilles Fernandez
Skeptics vs. Flying Saucer

     This report is dedicated to a rather famous UFO case in the UFO microcosm, often called the Turkish UFO or UFO The Turkish Across the Atlantic, and for which there are several videos of “witnesses”.

Here I present the hypothesis and work of various investigators as to make more consistent in this case, that a photographic artifact (anomaly) relatively well known to amateur photographers, which occurs particularly during “concert photographs” was deliberately used. Other videos of lights in the sky, and many authentic (not fake), can be explained by more prosaic and conventional stimuli. […]

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