UFO Sighting in Evans, Colorado on September 8th 2015 – 6 V shaped dim redish lights flying in sync in V shape

I was out on my deck listening to the local sheriffs office serving a search warrant a few blocks away, and was looking up towards the sky. I normally would not have been outside at that hour. I noticed movement in the corner of my eye, like a shadow or something. I wear glasses, and it was like seeing something outside of the frame of my glasses, so I moved my head to see what it was. It was then I saw 6 very dimly lit reddish/orange lights all moving quickly in unison in the shape of a V. There was absolutely no sound. It was almost like the individual lights were on a single object because they were moving perfectly together. I can’t recall if the object was solid, or appeared transparent. I tried to grab my cell phone to record it, but by the time I got the camera app opened, the object was gone. This was the first time I had every witnessed anything like this. I’ve added a very crude sketch of what I saw (I am not an artist).

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