UFO Sighting in Lawrence, Kansas on September 8th 2015 – Stepped out for a cigarette, observed overcast sky with lower level clouds, shape shifting blob drifted overhead towards Kansas University

In east Lawrence by fairgrounds, I had just finished watching an emotionally intense ending of Game of Thrones season 5, I stepped out on my front porch sat down and was smoking a cigarette and observing the overcast sky with lower level puffs of clouds moving slightly faster than the higher cloud deck,as I sat facing directly towards the west or towards Kansas University. This day Tuesday was the day after labor day and the work day as an electrician had been full of frustrations, I had begun to accept that this day was truly unusual, and thought to myself something big was gonna happen and soon I felt a wave of uneasiness and anxiety rush over me, at this time it entered my field of vision directly over my head from the west traveling east seemingly noiseless when half way through my field of viewing it I heard what could only have been regular air traffic that would have been above the cloud deck moving from SW to NE as they do routinely, I observed the craft/orb for a total of about 10-15 seconds before it left my field of view so I’ll break it down into three 5 second segments at first glance it seemed to be dark and dense in the middle fading to grey around unshapely edges, almost like a plastic bag floating through the sky, for the middle of the duration my mind could not make any connections to an explanation as to what I could compare this object to at this time I’m equally awe stricken/Terrified as I hear the noise of the unseen aircraft passing over I immediately rule out the possibility that this noise is coming from the object and try to focus on the shape, it had no wings, no vapor or condensation trails of a mechanical engine, at this point that it is not directly overhead I struggled to see if this was transparent only slighty darker than the clouds or if it was actually a charcoal grey color,it was very smooth looking no permanent hard edges yet at this midway point I was thinking of sacred geometry forms and could almost make out what appeared to be what I believe is referred to as metradons cube, please forgive me if I misspelled,in the final seconds it appeared to look more cube like features with the sides slightly caving in and bulging out at this time it traveled across my neighbors roofline out of sight, if I wanted I could have walked around the edge of his building to follow it, I choose not too as I was semi paralyzed with fear that this orb/transdeminsional being would pick up on the fact it was observed and come back for me, I flicked my cigarette in the grass and went inside immediately to check on my two teenage children, safe for now and I’m on edge paranoid, I light some sage and try to focus on a protected state of mind, I’m not the best conversationalist and can’t recall on demand info I’ve picked up on over the years but have a strong heart and follow my instincts and know of many conspiracy theories/facts that other more simpler minded people can’t and won’t accept, these are troubling times and this month marks many important dates of ritualistic importance, the internet is filled with doomsday prophecys and talk of opening portals with the help of CERN and such but I digress, unfortunately I didn’t have my phone outside with me and if I’d have ran inside to get it I would have missed the event all together, also it is my experience that the phone wouldn’t have done it any justice, as I’ve tried taking pictures before of objects in the sky be it a hawk or a full moon you lose sight of what your trying to capture and are left with a lesser quality experience because of it. Take care and God bless

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