UFO Sighting in Redmond, Oregon on September 8th 2015 – Glowing red Amber odd shape flying very fast through the sky. Nothing like it seen before

My wife and I were sitting out side looking at the stars and had been there for at least 15 minutes before my wife noticed something very strange. She asked “what is that” and then proceeded to run into the house because she was scared! I looked up in the sky and saw a red Amber glow at a very far distance flyng through the sky at a high rate of speed. This object looked as if it had 2 main lights but had a blurry look to it. The shape reminded me of a pyramid or of a boomerang. The object had shape unlike any of the the regular night objects that move through the sky. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in the sky! It moved so fast through the sky you could tell it was nothing of this earth! While I observed this object it reminded me of a HUGE bird but no bird ( based on spherical shape of obeject) I know glowed likes this did! I hope other s saw this as well because it was the best evidence I have seen of a UFO in my lifetime.

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