Alien Encounter in Boyd, Minnesota on September 9th 2015 – cheched in on

I had been visiting with an experiencer friend of mine at my home. Helping him understand what is happening to him. He left my house at 10pm. I was returning emails and heard a whooshing noise and noises in the trees outside. I telepathically heard that I was being watched to see how I would help another experiencer. Would I stay within my agreement with them, how much would I say, would I dare try and help in the ways I had been helped, etc. They had been listening all evening. I told them I was afraid to see them like I had asked to. Then I took my camera and went outside I was quite afraid of what I would see. I just stood there talking to them and they responded telepathically. They said I could try taking pictures. As I took pictures there were voices outside, human and a squeeking/moan type response. I said I would like to see one of them but not too close. I turned and looked inside my house and saw a 6ft tall grey standing in my Livingroom watching the tv. He found the Ancient Aliens program amusing! Said they did a decent job trying to depict them and well laid out presentation. Then the grey walked over to my notes and computer. He seemed to telepathically read them and then told me I was taking all this quite well and to not be afraid to step out and try thenew things to help. I got the impression he was just checking on my work on my cases and with my friend. He also acknowledged my security camera but didn’t think much of it. Then he left. I went back into the house and locked the doors. I was shaking and afraid as well as elated! I have debated about filing this as a report! I want to be a good investigator, but am filing this because I know what I saw in my house. I did not physically see or touch a craft that I consciously am aware of but know there was one. One interesting photo it all I have along with my memory and this written account. I did check the floor with a black light where he stood but not sure I really know what I’m looking for. IwI’ll check security cameras and post video if anything shows up. I will keep trying with the blacklight. I’m a new investigator as well as life long experiencer, so I want proof!

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