Black Triangle Sighting in Louisville, Kentucky on September 5th 2014 – Huge triangle shape ufo that I first saw as a bright light that when it got close I could see it clearly.

I was driving from memphis to Cincinnati it was later in the evening maybe 11 or 12. As I’m going thru Kentucky on a main highway I notice a bright white light in the was far away but struck me at how bright it was and why was it out in the middle of nothing. My thinking was maybe it was a beaking signal for planes but thougot it was strange. Next I notice it’s getting closer then I realize it was moving. Finally this thing is just to the right of me not too much higher than the trees and flies by me..I immediately realize I have never seen anything like it and said to myself that is an ufo…I was in such amazement I never even thought about grabbing my phone..I did thin k about turning around to follow. But I would have to drive until I got to a next exit and that could have been a few miles so I didn’t. .this thing was massive ..a black triangle shape aircraft that looked like something off of star wars…huge bright lighto underneath it were round shaped and I believe theye was 5 lights. …this thing was close to me and looked about the size of a Walmart maybe a little smaller but not much..It seemed to stay on a straight path…made no noise and didn’t seem to be moving fast at all ..I was going 60 and as it went over me I looked at it for an easy 10 15 secs…HUGE BLACK TRIANGLE CRAFT WITH BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS THAT YOU COULD SEE BRIGHT WHITE FROM MILES AWAY AND WHEN IT GOT CLOSE IT WAS UNREAL HOW BIG …not. moving fast …I was going to a stretch of the highway were it was no one else in front or behind me on the road I could see…this thin g flew low and wasn’t in a hurry and surely other people saw this thing. .HUGE

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