UFO Sighting in Silver City, New Mexico on January 31st 2003 – Bright explosion with secondary falling of object from airburst

January 31, 2003, my brother, myself, and my brother’s children were returning home to Lordsburg, New Mexico from Silver City, New Mexico about 10 o’clock at night. We were traveling south west on State Highway 90 out of silver city going towards Lordsburg New Mexico. At about the 5 mile marker, we noticed a large, what appeared to be an airburst high in the atmosphere. I had previously worked at the Nevada test site for many years, and I have seen many air blasts, but I’d never seen an air blast this large. It covered maybe 5 degrees of sky initially and grew to 10 to 12 degrees. There was no sound report which followed the initial sighting, but as we saw the airblast happen it was as if a huge greenish blue fluorescent cloud had appeared in the western sky at about 76�� off the Horizon. The center of the cloud seem to be much hotter on the white side than the outer portions of the cloud for about 5 minutes, but then it also turn the greenish blue fluorescent color.

A large glowing white object fell from the center of the green cloud into the area of the Mogillon rim in the Black Range of the Gila forest. The object appeared to follow the trajectory continuing along the path from west to east on the northwest side of the road in a somewhat arching path, it didn’t fall straight down but traveled kind of arched into the ground at approximately 60 degrees taking maybe five to ten seconds disappear into once we the area that I told you. Now from the height which we observed the object fall it could have been 100 or more miles away from us in an extreme mountainous area.

After the object fell we stayed and watch the cloud glowing fluorescent greenish blue for the next half hour then we continued to Lordsburg. Throughout the trip to Lordsburg we continued to watch the cloud in the western sky. When we, an hour later, drove into Lordsburg Valley we noticed that the Cloud, although much diminished in it’s brightness, was still discernible in the sky. It was about 11:30 o’clock at night.

The next day we spoke to a number people who had seen it as well. Once we got home we reported the incident to the NASA hotline. They said they had no record of anything happening.

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