Earth-Day Question; Should The Global Elites Control The Weather?

On April 22, the arbitrarily named “Earth Day” Corey from the Bull City Bulletin calls into local talk radio station 850 AM WPTF & begs a very simple question to “The Bill Lumaye Show” and his listeners. It is a question that is actually delivered with utmost compassion for the symbiotic organism known as “earth” and all the creations upon it. And yet it is also a very simple question:

“If we know that unelected groups have the technology to wage “weather warfare” by manipulating atmospheric conditions, should we entrust them with the decision when to use these technologies & when not to? Would it truly be moral to let them?”

The unfortunate dilemma for anyone who is so quick as to dismiss such a question as being crack-pot, nut-job conspiracy stuff, is that it is an irrefutable fact that this technology exists.

Conversely, for those who are aware of this already, the great tragedy is that public awareness is so miniscule on this topic that we can hardly have an honest discussion with anyone about it for fear of becoming a social outcast; let alone hold something quasi-legitimate like a vote!

If the so-called authorities had their way, they would still be able to get away with the old line: “Chemtrails? That’s just a conspiracy theory!” But now, thanks to the internet & decent individuals with courage, denying what is blatantly happening right in your skies can now become a key indicator of Stockholm syndrome and a sad display of true mental illness.

Right now it seems the establishment is gradually pulling away the veil on these exotic technologies, but are still playing the psy-ops game by admitting the technology is available but continue pretending that you’re crazy if you think it’s going on currently.

To move forward we have to do our homework, look in the skies, and start talking about it!

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