UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on September 11th 2015 – 4 Lights, dim to supper bright and faded then gone.

I had just left a farm going west on township road 212 south east of Calgary. When I came to road 797 and 212 This is when I saw two lights at 7 o’clock and 2 o’clock above the mountains. The sun was below the horizon. The sky was clear. I have never seen these lights in this part of the sky before.The lights were getting bright but not to bright. The first thing that came to mind was jet planes, but they did not move. I stopped to get a better look. I got out of the vehicle, looked up and they were gone. I was quite disappointed. Got back in the vehicle, and started to drive again. Suddenly to the right about 5 mountain tops over to the right the lights came on again but very bright. I pulled over got out of the vehicle. The lights started to get so bright it was as though they were getting closer. Now the lights where in the same position as the first two. I turned on my phone camera and zoomed in, and as bright as the two lights where they would not show up on the screen even as a small bright light. They did not acted like satellites. and they most certainly were not planes. The lights went out as fast as they came on. It made me feel like yes we are still here watching over everything that is going on down there. This is not the only time that I have seen strange things in the skies. I have been seeing quite a number of strange thing over and around Calgary skies in the last number of years. Seems like it is happening a lot more these days.

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