UFO Sighting in Gainesville, Missouri on September 11th 2015 – 2 White Objects spotted South East.

Was outside walking my cat. My bf was out there too. I was looking up in the sky as I always do looking for these strange objects. And then I seen 1 object solid with a solid white light. Than another one popped up right behind it out of nowhere. Then disappeared, a then reappeared. And then we didn’t see them anymore. My bf seen one of them. These had no sounds. I know what planes look and sound like. Jets and personal airplanes. We do have a small plane airport here. I’ve seen Military maneuvers here as well. We live in a tiny town of Southern Missouri. I have been seen these lights and not sure what they are. Another night I seen another white light object travel from South to the north west. Solid light. No sound. It even brightened up then dimmed again. And that night the neighbors cattle was bellowing and dogs too. I keep a look at the sky now. Strange lights I have no clue what they are. Also seen a solid dimmed light like a star go from South East to North East tonight 9-11-2015 at around 8 Pm

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