UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on September 11th 2015 – Father and daughter observe red-orange sphere

My daughter Melissa was returning from the market at 9:30pm. She saw a red orb in the sky just prior to calling me on my cellphone. As I opened the driveway gate so my daughter could park her car she pointed the orb out to me and we started watching it closely. We observed the object hovering, traveling in a straight line, and then making nearly a 90 degree turn to the South. The object then flickered out and was no longer visible after the minute that we observed it. The object was not lighted like an aircraft and the object was much more luminous than any aircraft that I’ve seen. The level of flight did not seem to change so I don’t believe we were seeing a flare. The abrupt change of direction rules out a balloon. My daughter took four photos of the object on her cell phone. I felt excited as did my daughter about seeing this common UFO shape.

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