A Battle is on for Area 51 | VIDEO

A Battle is on for Area 51

By Jason Kravarik

    Rachel, Nevada (CNN)For decades the public has tried to find out what’s buried at Area 51, the military facility that housed America’s top Cold War secrets.

For Joe Sheahan, it’s his father — buried on a plot of land three miles from where the U-2 spy plane was perfected, according to CIA documents declassified in 2013.

This week, Sheahan visited his father’s grave site for what he thinks will be the last time, now that the U.S. Air Force wants to buy the land and has vowed to use eminent domain to get it. The Sheahan family, which has owned the land in southern Nevada since the 1880s, doesn’t like the government’s price: $5.2 million for 400 acres of land and mining rights. […]

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