Im 90% sure that i just saw an UFO

As you may see i just now have created this user. I really need to get some answers. Up until today (40 minutes ago) I was not sure, but i wanted to believe that alien life existed. Now however im more sure than ever. And i hope im right. As i said i need some answers. About 40 minutes ago i was out driving on the highway outside a city called Moss in Norway. And i saw, howering over the left side of the road, something at first sight i thought was a low flying airplane because it had a red light on the left side and a green light on the right side and four strong lights in what looked like the front, however i couldnt see the shape. As i was getting closer and closer. I came to the conclusion that the object was in matter of fact standing still. I thought at first it was a phenomena that i was driving at high speed and so was the airplane so that it looked like it stood still. But i started to notice cars in the opposite direction slowing down to look at the object. When i came closer to it, i noticed that it was much much thicker than an airplane, and that it didnt have wings. And when i was really close to it, there was no question that it was standing still. The object was very dark, so you couldnt see its shape. When i drove past it, i had slown down from about 110 km/hr to 50 km /hr. I turned around and looked up on it. I then noticed that it had this big ”window” in what looked like the front. The window was shaped like ), and i think that the object is round in front, but not sure in the back. After i had looked back some more times, suddenly it was gone. Like it never was there, i wanted to turn back so bad, but i was on the highway and had cars behind me so i just couldnt.
Any of you who have heard of something like this? I can answer questions about descriptions.

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