UFO Article and Police Department Audio Recording: “What Was That Light and Sound Over the Columbia River?”

by Greg Long
Source: sacred-texts.com.
The article reports on the 1981 UFO sighting/sound recording by Sergeant Russell Yokum (St. Helens (Oregon) Police Department):
Quote from the article:
“It was misty and very cold in the early morning hours (4:03 a.m.) of March 17, 1981, as Sergeant Russell Yokum of the Saint Helens, Oregon, Police Department drove on patrol on Highway 30 west of the Columbia River. Saint Helens is a small mill town about 20 miles northwest of Portland.
NOTE: Thanks go the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies for their help in this story.”

Audio recording:
UFO sound recorded by Sergeant Russell Yokum of the St. Helens (Oregon) Police Department on 17 March 1981:
Source: tom lee (YouTube channel).

St. Helens (Oregon) is located 32 kilometres (20 miles) north-west 
of Portland (lib.utexas.edu) (lib.utexas.edu image)

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