UFO Sighting in Central Point, Oregon on September 6th 2015 – I live in the country and sleep where I can see the stars in the area of the big diipper. I have seen some interesting sightings over the years, this one is the best.

I was in my bed where I have a view of the stars which I watch everytime I can see them before I fall asleep. I have seen the ISS many times go by when I am in my bed, I thought at first it was the ISS I was looking observing. All of a sudden it was about 10 times brighter than the ISS and 5 times the size. It was traveling about the same speed as the ISS but it changed direction. Then it decreased in brightness and came to a complete stop. You may question how high this objecct was because I cannot prove that it was in orbit, I do have an educated conclusion what I saw was in orbit and things we make do not change direction then stop. The brightness was like a shooting star type bright, I have never seen anything like it before. I have other stories but this one was my best sighting of all.

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