UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on September 12th 2015 – Low flying close proximity Silver light over phoenix arizona

Basically I was driving to my parents home which is in North scottsdale I was heading north on 46th Street and I see this very silver almost chrome light with no visable structure or body hovering just above the houses in the area it moved fluidly from west to east maintaining the same hight it was close to me I’d say less then 20 30 feet it turned around making a small loop and headed back the same direction it came where it disappeared behind trees/houses at first I thought it was a fire work but it moved to slowly and I don’t believe fire works move horizontally so ya I’m not sure what I saw but I pulled over and had a mini panic attack after this all happened I didn’t think quickly enough to reach for my phone /camera I was quite petrified which was a very strange feeling I really would love to know if anyone else saw what I saw tonight in Phoenix arizona the picture I included is a horrible sketch I made after the event happened
. of the trajectory of the object in the sky just above house level

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