UFO Sighting in Cam Ranh, on May 17th 1971 – It came accross sky size of the moon it looked like the moon but it wasnt it is on film at airforce archivesi there was an alien in side of it that unzipped the circle and you could see briht light inside then clouds were going by and a cloud like ladde

I was sent to Cam Rahn bay by the 101st Airborne div to protect an airforce unit from being overrun it was 400 am I got blown up in ammunition stock pile when charge was set off I was on ground unconcious I didnt see it it is on film I seen film after I came back to from blackairforce mp had first vhs camera no sound yet 1971 I observved it on film I laid on grond and it was pitch black but for fire of explosion you could see the object come accross the sky very swiftly it looked like the moon it was same shape and almost same size very bright white color like the moon then it stopped as it came close to the beach on my right about 500 yards out amnd up wards of 500 it opened up the outer skin or surface of the sky like a zipper and an alien or small person was in side with clouds going by I seen cluds like stairs coming don to ground while the ammunition kept blowing up as I lay on ground on my back then he the mp moved camera and I seen an entity lraning over me with a black cape or like wings on his back the flames kept roaring over top stock pile and coming down to burn me but the entity absorbed the heat from the flames and you could see the heat energy being directed back up to the moon or object I still remeber it all I was dead for over 45 minutes I asked mp he had hi watch on they helped me on the ground I was gonne the oxygen was sucked out of me from blast of stock pile going off it blew me up in blast upwards fromm blast it left crater in groun 80 feet deep and size of field around I never saw it until I observed his film on the vhs camera I wanted to keep it but the airforce has it it was there film I watched it all and I know they saved my life I think they are from God trying stop all wars its definaty real I saw the black sky push inward like it was rubber as the moon pushed on it it was like a lining its all on film airforce archives Cam Rahn bay May 17-18 1971 4-6am it got light out as I came back to I fealt as though God or some one saved my life heavenly this I know is real but I could not get the film others all watched it too who were there I also saw a cigar shaped ufo in 1991 in pa where I lived it had a pilot and a copilot in it the y turned light on inside I could see them as they observed me looking they were reading my mind I let them alone they left I left my cousin was in truck with me and a ups truck fallowed me he saw it too I left because I did not want them to be known so I left I told them to leave because he the ups guy would report them so they left area oalso

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