UFO Sighting in Carpentersville/Algonquin, Illinois on September 12th 2015 – Extremely bright stationary light. Too bright and large to be a plane or star.

Driving home at 11:30 at night (Sept. 12th) we noticed a extremely bright stationary white light in the northwestern sky. Too high up to be from a cell phone tower and couldn’t be on top of any building since the highest buildings in the area are 3 stories high. The light was MUCH brighter and BIGGER than the brightest stars and never made any sound. There were no blinking or colored lights like a plane would have. We only saw the light for about 1 minute before reaching home. We went out tonight (Sept. 13th) at the same time to see if we could find the light again. We did not. We have no idea what this light could have been.

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