UFO Sighting in Savannah, Georgia on September 13th 2015 – Large V shaped solid object with seemingly glowing spots flew completely soundless over my neighborhood.

My whole family was outside roasting marshmallows and my mom commented on how pretty the stars were. We all looked up and that’s when my sister pointed out the weird shape in the sky. At first I couldn’t see it well because it was very dim and nonchalant. I assumed it was a stray cloud or something because all I noticed was a white-ish blue-ish glow, but I quickly focussed and saw the shape. We only saw it for a few seconds, (It was already almost halfway across the sky when she pointed it out.) but I got a pretty good look at it. It large a v shape. My father, mother and I could see a defined edge to the shape, while my sister only saw dim glowing lights. The lights looked to me like little dimly glowing spots. They weren’t like the star reminiscent LED looking lights on planes. They looked more like the light of glow sticks that had been left out for a few hours. There was absolutely no sound during the entire incident which was strange because at the height it appeared to be, we should’ve heard something. The path it took was really steady and straight. It moved more like it was an object rolling across a frictionless surface or something gliding in a straight path than something using thrust or wind propellers.
My initial feeling was a mixture of amazement and disbelief. I was freaking out, but I wasn’t afraid. I really wished I could see more of it. My immediate thoughts about it were that it seemed almost exactly like what some people had described the beginning of the Phoenix lights story to be (not the bright lights like in the videos,just the accounts of some of the suburban families.) My first assumption was that it could’ve been some secret stealth craft testing by Hunter Army Airfield, but my family seemed to disagree.
We eventually lost sight of it when it flew out of view behind the trees. (It never “zoomed” away. It kept a constant speed the entire duration of the sighting.)

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