Alien Encounter in Ontario, Ontario on April 8th 2014 – woke lights over me. talking taken to small town with humans with big eyes . kids. adults. town.3 moons

For a few night I felt uneasy waking up at the same times in pain. At 4.55 am 4 nights in a row. Next night. Last night. I remeber waking up can’t move . Bright light over me. I’m in a room. Looks like a surgery room. 3 Grey wrinkled things over me. One main one with 3 distinct finger like items on top of head with weBing attached between them. I hear them talking. One said. He is waking up should I clear him. One said no. Give this one to him . As in remember the event.I then woke up in a bed in a room of a house. I saw a door I walked out. Old 60 style home. Door had wire mesh in from for bugs but something was off. It was like zapping like a hologram.I walked outside the door on the street . Sunny day. Lots of people walking kids on bikes. One looked at me and smiled waving his hand. Something was off. Then someone approached me saying welcome back it’s been a while. You got big. I asked whats going on I was told im safe. In a safe lace where I belong. But I can’t stay long.I saw he was normal. I asked about the kids why thier eyes are so big . He said they are like you. But not perfect. So they stay here .I was walking down the street with him lots of people going down the street to a pond.larg. I see people swiming. Then he told me to see what happens next. A swirl of water formed in the middle and people where playing around it. I asked whays this. I was told it’s becouse of the moons at a certain times of day. Thier was 3 moons over head co using the swirl to rise. Then he said now you have to go back but dont worry we will see you shortly. I asked what do you mean he said don’t worry you will be fine you will be ok and your close ones. It’s almost times. You will join us for good.I woke 4.55 am again. I always felt something is going on. A few year earlier I had a tuner. And they found a small silver object in my brain. Asked me if I got shot by a bb gun was covered in tissues. Recently I hear and see helicopters flying over my home late at n�� ugh t 2 am to 5 am. Happend in may again 2015. I called the thw city why and what’s going on said reports said they police looking for someone. But I have no neighbors so I don’t understand.last summer 8 police cars where on the field beside me all night didn’t let me go see what going on said someone is running from them. But why was thier 3 helicopters over my home circling me. And my land. Recently im hearing the same noises and seeing flash of white light over my home and beside window.

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