UFO Sighting in Bancroft, Ontario on September 15th 2015 – large bright cherry red constant light moving from left to right 2 inches (apparent) above tree line

Tonight while standing on the west facing porch of my country house on a clear moonless summer night, I noticed a bright aspirin sized cherry-red light moving from south-west towards the north about 2 inches above the tree-line. I went inside to get the binoculars, but lost it as it went behind a large tree nearby when I returned. Thought it was a plane, but then I realized the navigation light should have been green (starboard wing), not red (port wing). I also didn’t see any other colored or flashing lights like a normal night flying plane has. I’d have assumed it to be an RC drone if it weren’t for its apparently large size (5-20 ft) and high speed which seemed to be between 150 – 200 mph and with a complete absence of noise (approx. 3 miles away). I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a plane, so could it have been a high performance drone or an ET craft? Wish I knew. My feelings at first were excitement, but now frustration has set in because I didn’t get a picture of it. Will keep my camera handy from now on…

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