UFO Sighting in Boston, Massachusetts on September 12th 2015 – Sighting in boston.ma looking southwest. Late morning.

I was in south boston at a local park/playground on a swing laying on my back rocking back and forth when I noticed a flicker of light in the sky in the direction of where planes were in the sky above flying along a flight lane and my first thought was that it was from a plane but owing to the sunglasses I had on which give such a clear view i saw no plane just a litte object in the sw along the flight path moving but much higher than it and as it was moving about it was reflecting the sun light from the sun which was in the east behind a garage. So as this object moved about staying generally in the sw direction it was reflecting the sunlight at me and I could see it clearly in the clouds. I tried to record it on my phone but i dont think i got anything plus it was too small. Also, i lost sight about two minutes after i saw it but then observed it about few minutes later although this time it was stationary and starlike in appearance in the sense that it was bright like a star yet stars dont shine in the day time atleast we cant see one. This was odd. It wasnt the first time i had seen this starlike object in the sky during the day. Also, that day i was able to point it out to another man who was equally baffled at what he observed. He said that it was unusual shining like a star in the day. I was pretty fixated on object for a couple of times. The first about 5-10 then i lost a visual about 5 min later i was looking up and saw it again This time about about 15 min and the witness saw it as well. I did not get his name. I lost sight of object. I think because it was too small and far away to stay focused for long and when i did turn away and look again it was hard to find it for I was a bit tired from looking.
I feel pretty awestruck.

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