UFO Sighting in Fayetteville, Georgia on September 15th 2015 – Object appeared to track planes that flew in its area of flight. Witnessed over 15 planes it observed, tracked .

I have seen a few shooting stars before, but this light seemed to be staking out a area. We would still see it when no planes were in the area. Whenever a plane would fly in the area it was in it would speed up,slow down chase, change altitude until plane was out of area. Did repeatedly. Like it had to reset to patrol position. It did not fly all over the sky. Stayed in the same area. I got my daughter to come outside to verify what i was seeing. She saw the light,orb flying faster than the planes but keeping its distance. Then just disappeared after 40 min. I tried to take photos and video. But had a hard time getting settings for night time with its light so dim. Will review later.

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