UFO Sighting in Pickering, Ontario on September 13th 2015 – Driving on road and spotted glowing RED object making descent.

I was driving along York/Durham Rd coming from Stouffville, Ontario to Whitby. I noticed this red object in the sky to my right. At first I didn’t believe it was a UFO because I’ve never heard of a red one but it didn’t look like any airplane that I’d seen either and I couldn’t understand why it was red. I couldn’t really identify a shape as it was surrounded by this red glow but it was huge and was approaching as if to land as it was now flying low. I tried to keep sight of it but since I was driving and it was very dark, I had to keep glancing at the road ahead. Finally I liost sight of it when trees got in the way. It never passed over my vehicle so it must have landed. I really kept a close lookout at the sky because I wanted to observe it.

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