UFO Sighting in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 1st 2007 – I saw two UFOs flying in and out of the clouds. They were just zipping around, up, down, sideways.

I was outside by the community pool with three other people. We were just enjoying the afternoon. I looked up to watch clouds and noticed two white perfect circles way up in the sky. They were so far away that I could not distinguish the size of them. At first I thought they were balloons just floating in the sky, but then I noticed they were moving and darting around the nearest cloud to them. I pointed them out to my friends and only one of them could see them (the others did not have their glasses or contacts with them). We both agreed they were not balloons as they appeared to be playing hide and seek in the clouds. It was very strange and I felt very excited to be witnessing such an event. I got the impression they did not think they would be noticed so high up and that they matched the cloud color (which were perfect white bulbous clouds). They did not effect the clouds though, another odd trait I thought because they moved through them and yet I did not see holes or anything like that within the clouds they were moving through and around. This went on for quite some time and I had to turn away as my neck was starting to hurt from looking up for so long. My friends lost interest much sooner than I did and I would check up periodically to see if they were still there and eventually lost track of them. I did try and take a picture and video of them, but they were so far away and matched the cloud color so well that my phone camera could not distinguish anything but the clouds.

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