Best UFO Mass Eyewitness Accounts Shocking Footage From Around The World! Full Length Feature!

Incredible Footage and Interviews from Eyewitness from around the World! Best Skypes From Thirdphaseofmoon! If you have captured anything amazing in regards to UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!
Video from L.A. Shot by Joe Rodriguez, to watch the entire video visit his channel!…
To watch the entire Raw video shot by Joe Kiernan Click link
Stanton Friedman’s web page
Purple UFO Spotted in a Beautiful Sun Halo! Saint Beach Florida 2012 Footage Provided by Steliano Monafis.
Tow Truck Driver Repo Man Sean Hunter Claims he has a gift to see and Capture Interdimensional Beings On his Iphone at will!
South Hampton UFOstar7 channel!…

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