Black Triangle Sighting in Latham, New York on August 20th 2015 – theres no short way to explain

i am a very honored and i guess you can say blessed abductee. I know a lot about extraterrestrials but this experience i have to share with world is absolutely incredible. I would love to explain My story here in this area. But i have so much details and description to write, honestly, id be here writing fir days. its faster and easier to just tell it. I wasnt sure who to reach out to befire until i found MUFON. this experience i have to share is completely unordinary and completely unheard of. I have done a lot of reading on others abduction experiences and mine is extremely different. I even feel i was brought to another planet and/or solar system, but it felt like a dream when i woke up at home. But i know it was real. i really really need to get in contact with someone about this to fully share my entire story. Because i think i could really shed some light on a lot of ufo history by my experience. I was shown a lot that nobody really understands or knows about. Theres still a lot of questions i have and things i still dint understand about my experience. my experience is six hours long in great descriptive detail that i can only really explain in person. Please im reaching out and i dont know who else to turn to. I want to talk with someone one on one. i can also give a lot of unheard of and silenced information about planet nibiru, blue eyed blondes, and a new alien war waging between various alien races and human beings. Things that nobody knows about and need to know. Im not afraid to voice any of this publicly. I will. But i need help. Please help me MUFON.

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