UFO Sighting in California on September 16th 2015 – was looking up with a friend, one came into view and then another then a third and then #2 disappeared

I was in class in downtown L.A when a friend came in and told me what he was looking at something in the sky so we went up on the roof of the 4 story building I was attending class in and he pointed up and I saw the object at first we weren’t sure what is was but we had an idea what it was and when we saw the other two we knew what we were looking at It was a glowing white ball just hovering and then it moved quickly west then stopped again and then another one appeared next to it to the west they both just floated for a minute or so then the first object decended and then went back up really quick. At that time a bigger object appeared to the north/ west and you could see the grayness of the craft. It had flat, long lights in the back or all the way around it( I’m not sure). We watched all three hover for approximately 5 or 6 minutes and then the second object disappeared. At that time all my focus went to the big one to the north/east and it would hover in a half moon motion up and down at that time I took some pictures. We watched for a few more minutes then I had to go back to class. When we went inside both objects were still hovering.

Note: two huge passenger planes went by flying north

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