UFO Sighting in Homer Glen, Illinois on July 12th 1984 – It was illuminated and metallic. Light projected outward from it like a comic book transparent force field

The night before the abduction, “Enlightenment” is what I feel it was, I was traveling back to Covert, Michigan from Elkhart, Indiana on a two lane backroad, route M140. When all of a sudden everything on the car just went out, it went dead. It was so dark I could not see my hand in front of my face. I could see one farm house two or more miles away because it had a floodlight on it. There were no other cars or lights to be seen. The downside of it was I had no flashlight or a lighter and sat wondering what am I going to do. I was afraid to get out of the car because of the tremendous amount of roadkill I saw on the way to Elkhart during the day. I feel the entities must have sensed my apprehensions and just as quick as everything went out they came back on and I continued on my way. I feel they decided not to take me at that moment. The following night I would return to Missouri using US 95 WEST, to US 80 WEST, to US 55 SOUTH. When traveling on US 80 I could clearly see to the southeast the full moon. After a short time, thru the line of trees on the opposite side of the highway something caught my eye. I thought it was the full moon but I could not see thru the line of trees clearly. I was keeping my eye on the road and trying to see what was that. I was moving at 65 mph down the highway and kept trying to see was it the full moon or something else. That is the last thing I can recall while driving on US 80, just outside of Chicago. My very next memory was slowly and calmly opening my eyes, my head was down and I could see I had two hands on the steering wheel where I normally put them. I slowly and calmly raised my head and looked out the front window and could see that the car was moving 55 to 65 mph down the highway. The car was going so straight down the highway that it was unnatural to me. How can this car be going so straight with me waking up from sleeping and I was not jumpy or nervous, nothing.I never got tired. I was calm and bewildered. I had know idea where I was or how I fell asleep. I immediately started looking for some signs along the highway and saw one that said I was now on US 55 SOUTH near Bloomington, Illinois. I figured out later that I was at least 250 miles from my last memory. As I continued down the highway I came to this farm road overpass and as soon as I got by it something across the highway caught my eye. Behind this farm house with only maybe 1/7 of it showing and illuminated the color of a full moon, I could see something maybe 6 or 7 feet above the ground. Slowly this spacecraft started moving from behind this farm house while I was applying the brakes and moving onto the shoulder of the highway. My window was up and I rolled it down because I had to make sure it was not a reflection on the glass, As the car finally came to a stop, I got out and continued to watch this spacecraft slowly reveal itself. Once it was fully exposed, it stopped and just hovered for about 10 to 20 seconds, it was metallic and self illuminating, light expanded outward from it like a force field, yet a source of that light around it could not be seen. Then suddenly while still the same height from the ground started moving to my left and started to get smaller. I say that because it was moving so straight and the shape of it was so detailed and uniform, I could not tell that it was moving away from me. It was like i was looking at something in 2D, on a flat screen. It took me 2 years to realize that it got smaller because it was moving away from me. I was so confident in what I was seeing, my minds eye would let me see that it was moving away. The farm road overpass was elevated and stretched for maybe a 1/2 mile or more. The spacecraft moved over miles of flat farm land before it disappeared behind the elevated by earth farm road. During the time that the aliens had me, I can’t recall anything..I feel that it was more of an enlightenment than an abduction..all I know is that they gave me enough info that lead me to seek and you shall find and once you know the truth, the truth shall set me free. I figured they wanted to make sure I revived or awoke ok. The car was never the same. Whenever a screw or bolt from anywhere on the car was removed the hole it came out of moves and the screw or bolt will not go back in. I forgot to mention that it was not a bad experience because I can’t recall anything and I got home two hours ahead of time..they wipe your memory for a reason and I can live with that. I have saw other spacecraft up close with detail that if you are interested I can tell you those details and draw pics. I also saw a documentary that had some air force pilots that saw one of the same crafts I saw and the animation is so accurate I was overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you for your time and peace be with you.

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