Black Triangle Sighting in Middletown, Ohio on September 18th 2015 – looked out back patiodoor about quarter to 1am friday morning,seen this big bright light looking down on my back yard,not moving,,there a big house behind mine,it was in over his frontyard,about 2 miles up

I was up ,walking around in my house,late,giving my inside cats treatsso they will settle down after,looked out my back patiodoor,i always watch the nite sky,seen this bright huge light out back,not moving,just sittin there like it was watching all,i got my binacalors,and seen the white,red,lights,no beacon,not an airplane,no sound,it set there at least 15 minutes,then a plane comes over about 2 miles west of this bright disappearslike it was never there,GONE!!!!! I WAS BAFFLED,i know what I saw.tried to go back to bed,but thought I would do what im doing,report it.thats all.

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