UFO Sighting in Springfield, Ohio on August 17th 2015 – In the night I’ve been going out and notice in the air something moving fast. But when I would smoke my cig in the direction of object it would move closer and the stop like a star and just hove. It’s happen couple of times.

I sit outside n just look at the sky. Several times I’ve noticed that it would be moving at a fast pace. I would puff on my cig three times and wait it would get closer and then stop and just hover. It looked like something moving and change shapes. So I decided I would try to see if I could make contact. It always gets so close and then just stop n hover. I would get tired and just give up and leave it hovering like a star. It’s always at night. I love looking at stars and when I seen the strange way it was moving I wanted to see what would happen if I would put my cig in its direction to see if it would keep moving or stop. Each time it just stops. I lose interest because it just stops and hovers. My feelings is excitement. Because if there out there I want to know and see for myself.ic

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