Black Triangle Sighting in Sparta, Michigan on September 20th 2012 – Massive transparent triangle

I recently reported a UFO incident from My childhood back in 1980…My 2nd sighting took place in September of 2012 I was at My parents home with My two sons a cousin and My brother we were shooting & sighting in Our bows for the 2012 Michigan deer season.. I was taking a break from shooting.. smoking a cigarette sitting on the open door frame on My parents she’d door war hang the others shoot they’re bows from East to the target to the west when something caught My eye on the horizon as I looked I seen a huge transparent triangle roll over… It was like it was invisible till it rolled over and the sunlight behind it exposed it’s shape… And as it rolled over completely it was gone totally went back invisible as fast as it rolled over… It happened so fast I never thought about saying “hey guys look” nor would I have had the time..but it was a truly amazing feeling to think other worldly beings are hear undetected observing US… I know we’re not alone in the universe… Any one who believes we are.. Is being very foolish… We are not the only life force.. We are one little spec in this massive universe.. With millions of other solar systems and planets hovering they’re stars… We are all star children… When will the world wake up and realize Our mission in life is to travel space in unity??… I feel blessed to have witnessed two for sure sightings… Thanks for Your time.

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