UFO Sighting in Lisle, Illinois on September 17th 2015 – Five red orbs in upwards crescent observed, open getting closer three disappeared, leaving three orbs in a triangular formation.

I was driving home from College of Dupage on 9/17/2015. I was going down Butterfield road, turned left onto Naperville road and was approaching the intersection of Naperville and East Warrenville road when I noticed five bright red orbs in the horizon. My attention was immediately captured, for these bright red orb shapes did not look like anything I had ever seen before. They were in an upwards crescent, like an upside down rainbow shape, or a smiley face. The light turned red at the intersection, and I was able to get a longer look. It was then I realized that these lights were not the airplane guideline lights that blink red to warn the planes they are close to ground. These were way too bright and large to be such a thing. To my amazement I noticed that these lights were actually moving at a slow steady pace. They were glimmering, or almost appeared to be vibrating. I was so entranced with these mysterious lights that I couldn’t resist but to follow them. I turned right onto East Warrenville road and quickly turned left into the parking lot of KJWW Engineering. I had a clear view of the orbs flight pattern, for my spot allowed me to see all the clear sky above I-88 West. As soon as I slammed into park the three of the five orbs suddenly flashed away, leaving three lights remaining. The red lights turned to a bright white, and formed themselves into a triangular pattern. The remaining three slowed to the pace that I first observed them at. I watched the lights for a few minutes before deciding to leave in fear. I went on to I-88 West and observed three of the orbs still making their flight along the horizon, Two were flying one atop the other, with one a few feet in front of them. This did NOT look like any plane, for the lights were rather large and very very bright. I felt a combination of shock, fear and numbness after seeing the orbs, which disappeared from my view point as I drove down I-88. I passed the orbs as I went on in traffic.It is hard to put the feeling I felt when I saw the orbs into words, for it was one I have never experienced before. I think it is because in the 13 minutes I viewed the orbs I realized that we truly are not alone in this universe. And that, is a very very very humbling experience. The pictures were taken in the parking lot of KJWW engineering at 1100 Warrenville Road, Lisle IL, an intersection a 300 feet down East Warrenville Road, and I-88 West. The ictures were taken from my DROID mini smartphone. You will have to zoom in amongst the bottom the pictures to see the orbs in a triangular pattern.

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