UFO Sighting in Live Oak, California on September 17th 2015 – Observed two bright lights vertical of each other. One dimmed out and the next shortly after.

I went out into my back yard at night to smoke a cigarette. I sat down in my chair facing to the north. I noticed two lights vertical from eachother, stationary in the sky. At first, I thought they were stars, but being pretty familiar with my nights sky, I realized after staring at them for a minute that they were too big, pretty bright and werent any stars I was used to seeing, considering I’m in my backyard various times in the evening every night. Once I realized they weren’t stars or any type of satellite I had ever seen before, I reached down to grab a spotting scope next to me. As I looked back up after grabbing the spotting scope, one of the lights dimmed out and was gone. As I brought the spotting scope up to my eye to look at the other light, it dimmed out and disappeared as well. I looked through my spotting scope at the area where I seen the lights and could not see anything out of the ordinary in the area where they were. I have no pictures or videos of the event. It all happened pretty fast. I’m certain they weren’t planes due to the fact that we are near the landing flight path of the local airport and see planes coming in for a landing a lot. I’m pretty certain they weren’t satellites as I see, what I believe are satellites, quite often and even as satellites dim out as they are passing through the nights sky and move out of the light, I can still pick up my spotting scope and see them much longer through the scope than with the naked eye. I’m sorry that this is all of the information I have on these lights, but its certainly not the only strange things I’ve seen happen in the nights sky, almost certainly because we live close to Beale Air Force Base. Thank you.

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