UFO Sighting in New York, New York on June 16th 2015 – I was just taking pictures

I’m a street photographer from New York at the moment I was driving down the highway with 3 friends to Coney Island to pick up my friends Christopher’s girlfriend . I always carry my camera with me at the time I shot with a fujifilm xt1 and had it I machine gun mode for rapid shots.we were passing by the bridge as I decided to just rapid fire some shots of the bridge free hand and I did not have my eye sight in my view finder. What caught my attention was a sudden string flash at the corner of my eye kind of like lightening but in the distance . At that moment I took my finger off the shutter and reviewed my photos from the rapid fire when j came across the object. Unfortunately I did not back up my photos and the other 3 were lost when my mac book crashed a few days ago this is the only photo I have left. If u have friends that can restore lost data that be great so I can recover the other photos. The more I reviewed these photos the more I’m frightened so here I go submitting this photo. It’s made a believer in me. The object moved at such speed that I only had in the frames for about mabe a second or 2 it’s also moved from the front of the bridge to out of the Frame in that small amount of time.

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