UFO Sighting in Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan on September 15th 2015 – above Sarnia Ontario and St. Clair county Michigan

on back patio in lounge chair , noticed at first some lights brighter then the stars and longer ,with binoculars could see on sept 12 through tonight the 19th like a oval shape of bright lights and a pulsating red and green light just above the bottom rim of bright lights . I have witnessed this the last 8 days. I am a older lady 55 and only have binoculars , cant afford a camera right now, they are best seen when it is the clear dark night the darker the better , I pray you dont disguard this because i only have two drawings i made the best i could to explain them at first sept 12th they had more of a translucent almost shaped like a contact lens with a web of millions of tiny bright twinkling stars ligts in a dome shape coming out of cirular base of very bright sections of lights forming a disk or oval shape, they line up three in a row many time and also form into triangles. I pray this is taken seriously. Thank You so much for your help. they are above St. Clair county Michigan ( Fort Gratiot/ Port Huron ) and Sarnia Ontario Canada. I I knew it was not normal a ufo of some sort . I am very shocked this is happening so close so many sometime can see many and they can disaperar and like a breath and reapear. i don’t know how to feel i feel somewhat anxious want some one else to take the time and see these , many time the daylight cause loss of sight manytimes they fade. PLEASE help me to keep my sanity lol but seriously. many times can see as soon as it get real dark 10 pm to daylight tonight 9/19/2015 saw over 20 of them they are there right now.
Thank you
Nancy Walsh

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