UFO Sighting in Walterboro, South Carolina on September 20th 2015 – with binoculars it looks like a ferris wheel. with the naked eye it looks like a star changing colors

its been a bi nightly occurrence. around 10 or eleven at night a white star like thing appears in the sky blinking multiple color lights, tonight i decided to make a report. the first night it was in the western sky west north west then it drifted across the sky and got lost in light pollution. same with second sighting. they were September 15 and 17. tonight September 19) its in the east north east sky. east of the constellation Draco. seemed like it was drifting towards us. with binoculars it looked like a Ferris wheel on its side. without it looked like a white star changing blue white red and green. its moves too slow for an airplane too erratic for a satellite and airplanes have flown past it. i have crappy video on my cell which for some reason cant be uploaded anywhere, i can possibly email it? after watching it move across the sky i started getting a headache and nausea. the light ejected red flare like things that appeared to have dissipated shortly after ejection. the weather the past week has been calm clear and partly cloudy. with a calm wind.

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