UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on September 20th 2015 – Chevron shaped object with dim white lights observed directly overhead and moved sw at high rate of speed

At approximately 11:15pm on 20 Sep 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO, I witnessed a chevron shaped object with 10 dim white lights move from directly overhead in a southwesterly direction at what I estimate to be 250 knots. The object was dim enough to be lost in the city light pollution after about 8-10 seconds. The object was observed approximately 2 miles south of the south entrance to the US Air Force Academy and appeared to fly towards a point at or just north of Cheyenne Mountain.

The altitude appeared to be above 1000 feet AGL.

I estimate speed and altitude based on my experience in aviation. The feature of the sighting that strikes me most is the absolute lack of noise- the object was visible for approximately 8 seconds but I continued to listen for noise of any kind for 5 minutes. No exhaust noise or echo, no sound that might indicate a low flying glider. No nav or position lights, no pulsed or flashing lights, simply the dim white lights that indicated the chevron shape.

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