UFO Sighting in Overton, Nevada on August 31st 1991 – Large silent gold ball of light about 250-ft above ground smoothly sailed from west to east,smooth turn90-deg. North

I was camping in Valley of Fire State Park for probably my 4th year in Sept. Or Oct. 1991, with a view down the park’s main valley. I woke needing to answer nature’s call and checked my watch: 5:00. As I exited the tent, I heard a voice in my head–a voice mine yet not mine, as if synthesized far away and ‘made’ mime. It said, sounding each syllable, “You might see something strange out there.” I walked several yards and squatted in the sand. As I looked up, I saw the sky was still pitch black and strewn with stars. A large golden ball of light was coming toward my area from the east where Lake Mead is. It was 2 miles away, even with the Visitor Center, moving east. It glowed but emitted no rays; no sound; no variation in speed or heigth. The closer it came, within 1/2-mile of me or less, the more astonishing and beautiful it seemed. At that point I again heard that voice in my mind, just 2 words, again deliberately sounding each syllable: “Spiritual Intelligence”. It made a smooth 90-degree turn to the north and disappeared behind the cliffs closest to the campground, perhaps 1/2-mile or less distant. The cliffs are about 250-ft. High, which is how I guaged it’s elevation. It was lower than the cliff. I knew it would come to a box canyon very quickly if it did not change its trajectory. I waited perhaps 10 mins for the sound of a crash or its reappearance, buy neither happened.

The psychological effects were profound. I felt blessed, and very disturbed. No one was interested. I felt isolated. Perhaps the most profound experience of my life and no one to share it with. I constantly thought about and replayed the globe of light. I wondered if my mind concocted the “spiritual intelligence” as a way of coping with my observation. Even so, I couldn’t explain hearing the warning on exiting mt tent that fateful day.

I told my father, a career Air Force pilot who was also instrumental in then-classified programs and working with the CIA on aerial surveilance imaging systems. He ascribed what I saw to a weather balloon, or the effect of the sunrise soon to .come above the horizon. I started reading UFO books, especially about orbs in Yakima Valley, WA. I’d been an earth sciences student, so I could buy a theory about orbs above the also very fault-ridden Valley of Fire. But the Yakima orbs were small and moved erraticalaly, unlike what I saw. I came to learn the Valley of Fire is a UFO .hot spot. Earlier than my 1991 sighting, I’d watched what I assumed was a satellite until it stopped suddenly and reversed its path against the stars.

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