Black Triangle Sighting in Emo, Ontario on September 3rd 2015 – red white green lights triangle shape hovering ,moving around,seen several times over last three weeks including tonite

i was outside smoking a cigarette looking at the sky as i normally do when i observed a light in the first i thought it was a satalite untill it stopped dead in its path ,then changed direction and came to hover ten to fifty miles away in the sky.(hard to tell how far away exactly ) i then went to get my binoculars to get a better look.came back outside and looked thru binoculars there was a triangle craft with red green and whites lights flashing in no particular pattern. i continued to c these craft over the next three or four days. i then showed my mother and she was frightened by it so i left that alone. i then informed a friend of mine and he came to my rural home to observe with me as they where coming every night and he was as intrested as me.that night therre were four craft in the sky we watched them zip around almost like they are swimming around the night sky for two or three hours.they were acending and decending moving around in many different directions and patterns throughout that time.we grew weary of watching after a few hours and were about to go inside when we seen a light coming from the northeast we bthen noticed it was being follwed the craft quickly dissapeared but the jet following it was quite close so i shined my flashlight at it then shone my beam strait in the this point the jet that had been following the craft came strait at us it flew rite over my house just above the trees..i then had no doubt it was a military fighter plane which i have never seen in this area in my life.the next day there was a newscast on ctv winnipeg talking about the strange lights in the sky over northwestern ontario.they claimed they were testing search and rescue probes out of shilo military base in manitoba.(i live very near the manitoba ontario border) but i do not beleive these were any craft that we have in our military or at least nothing the public has ever heard of..these craft manuvere so quickly and change direction instantly without slowing at all.when the leave they dissapear across the sky instantly.these craft continue to be seen on most clear nights,they were never here before .i have ben interested in ufology for a long time so i watch the skies constantly and these are a new phenomena for me .if your organization had anyone in my area im sure someone with high definition cameras and telescopes or something like that could come and get close up photographic evidence as they seem to sit in the sky at a distance on most nights for the last three weeks or so. i also know of another man who has been seeing orbs thru this same time period.he claims they are coming within ten to twenty feet of him on a regular basis ,he has taken some photographs of them as well. we would appreciate any feedback from youyr organization on these sightimgs. tthere have been to many sightings for me to type them all out.ive observed them so many times it dosent even surprise me anymore when i look into the night sky and see them there. i just expect them to be there now.

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