JFK Conspiracy Theory – The Muchmore film

A close look at a less well known Kennedy assassination film indicates the Presidential limousine did slow down in Dealey Plaza just prior to the Kennedy headshot giving credence to the theory that frames were removed from the Zapruder assassination film to make the limousine appear as if it did not.

Maria Muchmore film of JFK assassination shows the limo from the other side. Film clip stops at the point where a shot is fired. Very last frame shows man in red shirt (top) reacting to the sound of gunfire close by. Man shown to the right of him is a conspirator who has anticipated the shot and whose left foot is moving to flee while others are still reflexing.

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Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas – The Attack in Dealey Plaza – JFK Assassination of JFK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9AtkvBJee0

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