UFO Sighting in Bolivar Peninsula, Texas on September 19th 2015 – look like a star but in video has different color

I was in Galveston Crystal Beach putting up a small tent for my family and friends. We built the fire and sat down to enjoy the cool breeze. I threw a line in the water getting ready to fish when I came back to my chair i sat down and started sky watching. I started to joke to my friend about a bright star and said it was a UFO when he got up to check his fishing pole he told me to come here. He said the star moved up and down and in a circle we watched it for about 6 hours I got my phone and filmed it when I was watching the recording it look like a bright star blinking off and on but when I went back to look at the videos again it started to change colors. I had the feeling of scared and excited all at once. Me and my friend decided to leave the beach. We left with it still inside its same spot over the water for 9 hours before we left.

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